Smoke from Alaska fires
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Smoke from Alaska fires

November 21, 2007
Smoke from Alaska´s 115 active fires obscures Seward Peninsula and part of the Brooks Range. So far this year, the state has experienced 590 fires that have burned more than 1.3 million hectares (3.3 million acres). The Bering Straight, separating Alaska from the Russian Federation, is located in the upper left portion of this image. On the Alaska side of the Straight lies Seward Peninsula, named after the former Secretary of State William Seward, who was instrumental in the purchase of Alaska in 1867. The Arctic Circle is located just above the peninsula. The upper right portion of the image shows part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge , home to many wildlife species, including snow geese, peregrine falcons, grizzlies, polar bears, and caribou. Denali National Park is located roughly in the center of the image. Both of these areas try to manage rather than suppress fire in order to protect human lives and property as well as maintain wildlife habitat.

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