Acadia National Park
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Acadia National Park

November 23, 2003
Along the southern coastline of Maine lies Acadia National Park. The park consists of two islands, Isle au Haut and Mount Desert Island, and the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula. Mount Desert is served by a bridge to the mainland, while Isle au Haut is accessible only by ferry. The park lies in a transition zone between northern coniferous and eastern deciduous forests, with a diverse mix of plant communities and animal species, each existing at the edges of their range. Biodiversity in the park is also enhanced by the convergence of shallow ocean, tidal estuary, and freshwater systems. From the rocky shores typical of the Maine coastline, hills in the park rise to the height of 1,530 feet (462 meters) on Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island. The park is sometimes known by the moniker 'Where the mountains meet the sea.'

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