Region Around MWC 147
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Region Around MWC 147

January 30, 2008

Wide field image taken by Stéphane Guisard (ESO) with a 200 mm lens from Paranal, showing the region of the sky with the NGC 2247 star forming complex and containing the Herbig Ae/Be object MWC 147.

Visible in the image are the rich colorful Cone nebula region (at the center-left of the image) and the Rosette Nebula (at the top right). They are both located in the Monoceros constellation, very close to the better known Orion constellation. The star MWC 147 is close to a dark nebula, in the top left part of the image, and belongs to an association of massive stars, the Monoceros OB1 asociation. The close-up reveals that MVW 147 is surrounded by some nebulosity.

The image is a colour-composte based on exposures through R,V,B, and H-alpha filters, for a total exposure time of more than 16 hours. This image can only be reproduced with the permission of Stéphane Guisard.

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