Fires in Thailand Myanmar and Cambodia
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Fires in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia

February 25, 2008

This image was captured by the MODIS on the Aqua satellite on February 21, 2008. Central in the image is Thailand. West of Thailand is Myanmar (formerly Burma) and east is Cambodia. Black lines denote country borders.

There are several bodies of water in this image too. West of Myanmar is the Andaman Sea, and south of Thailand is the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand's capital city of Bangkok sits on its southern shore, where the Chao Phraya River flows into the large bay in the northern Gulf of Thailand. Moving eastward from Bangkok, one can see the Tonle Sap—Cambodia's largest inland body of water. Waters from the Tonle Sap flow southeastward and converge with the mighty Mekong River, just east of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital.

Each of the red dots on the image represents an active fire.

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