ESAs Automated Transfer Vehicle
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ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle

March 10, 2008
The ATV will dock with the Station's Zvezda Service Module. It will carry a 7.4 tonne payload that includes water, oxygen and propellant. Four tonnes of the propellant will be used to reboost the Station at regular intervals; another 860 kg will be transferred to the Station for attitude and orbit control. ATV will be a separate transfer vehicle with avionics and propulsion capability. Launched by Ariane-5E, it will resemble a regular satellite payload protected by Ariane's fairing. Equipped with a set of engines and with solar panels, it will include a separate pressurised payload container. Controlled from the ATV Control Centre in Europe, its docking manoeuvres will be coordinated with the Space Station Control Center at Houston and with the Russian control centre near Moscow.

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