BD 40 4124 group
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BD +40° 4124 group

March 31, 2003
Atlas Image mosaic, covering 7´ × 7´ on the sky, of a small, stellar cluster in the constellation Cygnus, consisting of the optically-bright Herbig Be star BD +40° 4124 (V1685 Cygni=MWC 340; center of image), V1686 Cyg (LkH 224; southeast of center), and V1318 Cyg (LkH 225; just east of V1686 Cyg). Herbig Ae/Be stars are young, intermediate-mass stars exhibiting mass loss, as seen from their optical line emission. This stellar group is about 1 kpc (3260 light years) from us, along the Cygnus spiral arm. 2000 Mar 1-7

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