Argentina and Uruguay
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Argentina and Uruguay

January 10, 2009
This image, captured by the MODIS on the Terra satellite on January 4, 2009, shows part of Argentina (left), all of Uruguay (top right center), and part of Brazil (top right corner) in South America. The Rio de la Plata Estuary, which is formed by the Uruguay River and the Parana River, is visible between Uruguay and Argentina.

The Rio de la Plata Estuary opens up into the Atlantic Ocean and the capital cities of both countries reside along it. Buenos Aires, Argentina is visible as a semi-circular gray patch on the southwestern end and Montivideo, Uruguay is a smaller grayish patch near the north side of the opening of the estuary. A great deal of sediment is carried into the estuary each year, where the muddy waters are stirred up by winds and the tides. The few red dots you see are the locations of active fires. Further south, a greenish bloom of tiny marine plants called phytoplankton is visible along the coastline.

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