Southern Scandinavia
1958 of 4107

Southern Scandinavia

May 6, 2009
The MODIS on the Terra satellite captured this image as it moved overhead on May 1, 2009. Shown is southern Scandinavia. Near the center of the image is Sweden. To the west is Norway, still covered in ice and snow. Denmark is the peninsula that juts up between Norway and Sweden. The bodies of water that separate them from Denmark are the Skagerrak in the west and Kattegat to the east. South of Denmark is Germany

Across the Gulf of Bothnia from Sweden is Finland, visible in the top right corner of the image. South of Finland is the Gulf of Finland, which separates it from Estonia. South of Estonia is Latvia, and south of Latvia is Lithuania. These countries are separated from Sweden by the Baltic Sea. The small country south of Lithuania on the Baltic Sea is part of Russia. To the south, between it and Germany, is Poland.

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