The Neutral Gas Disk of the Milky Way
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The Neutral Gas Disk of the Milky Way

November 4, 2003
This figure shows the distribution of atomic hydrogen at all locations in the sky. All of this hydrogen is in our galaxy. Red indicates directions of high hydrogen density, blue and black show areas with little hydrogen. The figure is centered on the galactic center and galactic longitude increases to the left. The data came from measurements of the 21cm line of hydrogen by radio telescopes. Some of the hydrogen loops outline old supernova remnants. This image is a composite from many 21cm surveys. It includes data from the NRAO Green Bank, West Virginia 140- foot and 300-foot telescopes, the 85-foot Hat Creek Telescope of The University of California at Berkeley, The AT&T Bell-Labs Horn-Reflector Telescope at Holmdel, New Jersey and The 60-foot Telescope at the Parkes Radio Observatory in Australia.

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