Radio Galaxy 3C 130
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Radio Galaxy 3C 130

November 4, 2003
VLA 20 cm map of radio source 3C 130, an elliptical galaxy in a distant cluster emitting two oppositely-directed narrow "jets" of radio emission from a small bright source in its nucleus. Such "twin-jet" sources are thought to arise when violent events in the nuclei of galaxies cause streams of particles moving almost at the velocity of light to break out of dense gas layers close to the center of the galaxy. Twin-jet nature of the sources may reflect flattened form of gas distribution in orbital motion around a central black hole in galactic nucleus. Studies of such jets at the VLA give clues to nature of energy transport from active central regions of galaxies to distant radio structures. This map shows inner faint jets opening into gently curved lobes, with radio core in central spot.

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