KSC Viewed from Atlantis
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KSC Viewed from Atlantis

June 24, 2009
An almost nadir view of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center was provided by one of the STS-125 crew members on space shuttle Atlantis. Kennedy is the NASA space vehicle launch facility and launch control center (spaceport) on Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida. The site is near Cape Canaveral, between Miami and Jacksonville. It is 34 miles (55 kilometers) long and around 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide, covering 219 square miles (567 square kilometers).

Because much of Kennedy is a restricted area and only 9 percent of the land is developed, the site also serves as an important wildlife sanctuary; Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore are also features of this area.

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