Giotto - Experiment Platform
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Giotto - Experiment Platform

October 15, 2009
This is slide 8 of 12 from the second Giotto slide set. The following caption is the one originally provided with the slide set.

Nearly all experiments are mounted on the lowest of the three platforms, the 'experiment platform'. There are 10 experiments on Giotto which can be loosely grouped in four categories:

Imaging HMC - Halley Multicolour Camera

Gas Mass Spectroscopy NMS -Neutral Mass Spectrometer IMS -Ion Mass Spectrometer (consists of HERS -High Range Spectrometer and HIS -High Intensity Spectrometer)

Dust Experiments PIA -Particulate Impact Analyser (Dust Mass Spectrometer) DID -Dust Impact Detection System OPE -Optical Probe Experiment (also measures gaseous emissions)

Plasma Experiments JPA -Johnstone Plasma Analyser (consists of FIS -Fast Ion Sensor and liS -Im- planted Ion Sensor) RPA -Reme Plasma Analyser (consists of EESA -Electron Electrostatic Analyser and PICCA -Positive Ion Cluster Composition Analyser) EPA -Energetic Particles MAG -Magnetometer.

Not all of these experiments survived the Halley encounter. Others cannot be used at Grigg-Skjelierup because they were designed specifically for the geometry of the encounter with Halley.

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