Giotto Ground Stations
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Giotto Ground Stations

October 15, 2009
This is slide 14 of 20 from the first Giotto slide set. The following caption is the one originally provided with the slide set.

During its cruise phase the Giotto spacecraft is controlled by a number of ground stations distributed over the Earth. Depending on their size and equipment the ground stations are used for different purposes and different mission phases according to the following baseline plan.

Phase Station Purpose GTO Malindi Kourou Carnarvon Housekeeping Telemetry Telecommand Ranging S-band Low Gain Antenna (LGA) Near-Earth Phase Carnarvon Weilheim Housekeeping Telemetry Telecommand Doppler and Range S-band LGA Initial Cruise Carnarvon Weilheim As Near-Earth Phase S-band High Gain Antenna (HGA) up and downlink Cruise Carnarvon Weilheim As Near-Earth Phase Option: Science Telemetry Format 3 S-band HGA uplink X-band HGA downlink Encounter Carnarvon Parkes Telecommand Science Telemetry Format 1 and 2 S-band HGA uplink X-band HGA downlink

The NASA 32 m Deep Space Network (Goldstone, Madrid, Canberra) is used in addition for spacecraft ranging, and the NASA 64 m station at Canberra is used as backup for Parkes during the encounter.

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