Southern India
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Southern India

January 24, 2004
Dividing the Arabian Sea in the west from the Bay of Bengal in the right, southern India points south like an arrow into the Indian Ocean. This cloud-free image, acquired on January 14, 2004, shows the country's diverse ecological and geological features, including forests, mountains, and plains. In the northeast, the Gulf of Khambhat drains the plains of Gujarat, one of India's fertile growing regions. Due east of the Gulf is the Satpura Range, which forms the northern border of the Deccan Plateau's interior. This part of India is semi-arid in the west, but wet in the east. Marching along the edges of peninsular India are the costal plains, which have a tropical and quite humid climate. The Ghats Mountains take up the upper right side of the image. Almost completely hidden by low clouds at the bottom of the image is the island nation of Sri Lanka. This is a true-color Terra MODIS image.

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