Mid-Latitude Pictures by the Red Rover Goes To Mars
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Mid-Latitude: Pictures by the Red Rover Goes To Mars International Student Scientist Team

October 21, 2009
(B) North Polar Layers.

Red Rover Science Team Caption: "This image is located on the edge of the northern polar ice cap and shows layered terrain which possibly could give us clues about the history of the red planet. This layered terrain could have been formed by the seasonal expansions and contractions of the polar ice cap. The top edge of the ice shows strong evidence of present wind activity."

The upper picture is a portion of MGS MOC narrow angle image E01-00872. The band of black and white stripes near the center of the picture result from a loss of data during transmission to Earth. The lower picture is the MOC wide angle red context frame with a white box indicating the location of the high resolution sub-frame. The pictures were acquired February 14, 2001, are located at 82.1°N, 256.2°W, and are illuminated from the lower left. The high resolution image covers an area approximately 3 km by 9 km (1.9 mi by 5.6 mi) at 3.7 meters (12 feet) per pixel; the context frame covers 115 km by 115 km (71 mi by 71 mi) at 240 meters (787 feet) per pixel.

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