Sharks Teeth -- Sand Dunes in Proctor Crater
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"Sharks Teeth" -- Sand Dunes in Proctor Crater

October 21, 2009
Sometimes, pictures received from Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) are "just plain pretty." This image, taken in early September 2000, shows a group of sand dunes at the edge of a much larger field of dark-toned dunes in Proctor Crater. Located at 47.9°S, 330.4°W, in the 170 km- (106 mi-) diameter crater named for 19th Century British astronomer Richard A. Proctor (1837-1888), the dunes shown here are created by winds blowing largely from the east/northeast. A plethora of smaller, brighter ripples covers the substrate between the dunes. Sunlight illuminates them from the upper left. Other dunes in Proctor Crater were highlighted in August 1999 in: "Dune Activity in Proctor Crater," MOC2-170.

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