AGC Levels during 5th Checkout
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AGC Levels during 5th Checkout

November 11, 2009
For the first time, the HGA, which is permanently connected to the input of the Huygens receivers, was looking at the cold deep sky during a checkout out. This makes a big difference in terms of radio noise injected into the Huygens receivers. The deep sky system temperature is about 27 K compared to the > 1200 K system temperature when looking at the Sun. The deep sky conditions are much closer to those we expect during the Probe mission when the HGA will be pointed at Titan as we predict a system temperature of about 113 K when looking at Titan. That's a very important parameter for the calibration of the effects of the radio noise during the operation of the Probe relay.

The variation of the AGC levels obtained during the checkout are shown in the bottom panel.

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