DISR Image of Titans Surface
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DISR Image of Titan's Surface

November 16, 2009
This image was returned 14 January 2005, by ESA's Huygens probe after its successful descent to land on Titan. This coloured view, following processing to add reflection spectra data, gives an indication of the actual colour of the surface.

Initially thought to be rocks or ice blocks, the rock-like objects are more pebble-sized. The two objects just below the middle of the image are about 15 centimetres (left) and 4 centimetres (centre) across respectively, at a distance of about 85 centimetres from Huygens.

The surface is darker than originally expected, consisting of a mixture of water and hydrocarbon ice. There is also evidence of erosion at the base of these objects, indicating possible fluvial activity.

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