Geological Features on Titan
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Geological Features on Titan

November 17, 2009
This geologic map, derived from albedo variations and variations in texture, shows that the circular feature has what appear to be several series of flows, as shown by the black lines. The flows represent episodes of activity on the volcano. A dark central pit, called a caldera, is similar to vents that appear above reservoirs of molten material on Earth's volcanoes.

The colors on the map represent the brightness of features. Yellow and light green represent bright patches. Blue represents dark patches. Red represents mottled material. The yellow area is where the volcano lies.

Analysis of apparent reflectance variations have been realized along the profile A-B. The upper and lower plots show the reflectance variations before and after removal of the hazescattering effect.

Interpretation of topography rests on several factors:

1. The highest contrast in the topography is in the cross-sun direction 2. 2 Topographic forms have characteristic bilateral symmetry (bright-dark oscillations in the down-sun direction) 3. After haze removal at shorter wavelengths, the topographic patterns do not correlate in general with variations in spectral reflectance.

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