Frame 3
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Frame 3

November 18, 2009
One July 20, 1965, Zond-3 was the second spacecraft to view the far side of the Moon. This model 3MV spacecraft was actually designed for missions to Mars and Venus. Using a phototelevision camera, 29 frames were exposed. The Zond-3 camera was developed by A.S. Selivanov and his team at the Institute of Space Device Engineering. The images were processed and analyzed by Iu.N. Lipskii and his team at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute. Frames 1 and 2 were probably pre-exposed test patterns and have not been published, frames 8-10 contained an ultraviolet spectrum, and frame 25 was never received. Using digital pulse-position modulation, all frames were scanned and transmitted in 67-line resolution, and selected images were retransmitted at 1100-line resolution:

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