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Zond 6.5

November 19, 2009
Zond-6 flew around the Moon on November 14, 1968. It carried the AFA-BAM camera with 400 mm objecitve, shooting on 13 × 18 cm frames of isopanchromatic film. A session of 111 frames was performed at a distance of 9290-6843 km, and another session of 58 frames from 2660-2430 km.

A crash landing on Earth flattened and broke open the film canister, but 52 photographs were recovered with some degree of laceration and fogging. Only a few fragments of Zond-6 images have been published. A mosaic image was constructed from the recovered imagery, shown below as the last image. Poor print quality, not film damage, is the reason for the low quality of the first and thrid image below:

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