Luna 19
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Luna 19

November 24, 2009
Luna-19 was a heavy orbiter based on the Luna-17 spacecraft and a lunokhod housing. It entered a low (100 km above surface) orbit on October 3, 1971 and returned 5 panoramas scanned by two linear optical-mechanical cameras as it passed across the Moon. These panoramas scanned a 150° "fish-eye" view from horizon to horizon, at 4 strokes/second, perpendicular to the path of the spacecraft. Very few of the Luna-19 images have been published, the best image being this photo of a lunar crater:

The image above is actually a cropped version of the panorama seen below left. Two poor-quality reproductions of fragments are seen below, which will hopefully be upgraded. Smaller printed fragments show the whole signal, including the square-wave retrace signal.

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