Apollo 10 Arrives at the Moon
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Apollo 10 Arrives at the Moon

April 28, 2003
This Apollo 10 oblique telephoto view of the lunar nearside is centered on the crater Hyginus located at 6.3 degrees east longitude and 7.8 degrees north latitude, near the northeast margin of Central Bay. The crater is about 10 kilometers (6.5 statute miles) in diameter. From the crater the prominent Hyginus Rills extends east-southeast toward the camera and northwest toward the Sea of Vapors. The rille is about 3 kilometer (2 statute miles) wide and more than 200 kilometers (130 statute miles) long. The horizon is not visible in this photograph, taken from the Command and Service Modules. The sunrise terminator is between the spacecraft and the horizon. At the time this picture was taken Apollo 10 was 325 kilometers (200 statute miles) southeast of Hyginus.

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