Floods in Queensland Australia
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Floods in Queensland, Australia

February 21, 2004
Heavy rains in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales have caused flooding of local rivers, bringing an end to the worst Australian drought to hit the continent in a century. The flood waters, shown here in this false-color Terra MODIS image from February 15, 2004, are a mixture of blue and green. Less-sediment-filled water appears brighter blue, and vegetation appears bright green. Bare land appears in shades of tan. While the rains have been beneficial in ending a terrible drought; they've brought with them another menace: locusts. Local authorities say that this is the worst breakout of locusts in years, prompting local authorities to spray hundreds of square miles with insecticides in an attempt to bring the locusts under control before they reach their most mature and dangerous stage. Fully adult locusts can travel hundreds of miles in a single night's flight.

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