RadioOptical overlay of the radio galaxy 3C31
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Radio/Optical overlay of the radio galaxy 3C31

November 4, 2003
This image shows a the optical and radio morphology of the radio galaxy 3C31 (NGC 383), the dominant galaxy of a prominant chain of galaxies. In this image, red colors depict radio emission measured with the VLA, and blue colors depict the optical emission from starlight. This system is a powerful radio source, with conical inner jets developing into wiggling jets and irregular shapped plumes, which stretch to an incredible distance of 300 kpc from the center of the galaxy (92,000 light years, for a Hubble constant of 100 km/s/Mpc). The left-hand image shows the large-scale morphology of the radio jet and the surrounding optical field (optical image from the Digitized Sky Survey), while the right-hand image shows the center of the galaxy with its conical radio jets. The optical image is an HST WFPC2 image, and shows prominant dust features in the host galaxy.

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