Leeward Islands
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Leeward Islands

April 9, 2010
This image, captured by the MODIS on the Terra satellite on March 25, 2010, shows the Leeward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles chain in the West Indies. The Leewards are located in the Caribbean, where the Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The Leeward Islands are so called because they are down wind (or leeward of) the Windward Islands. The prevailing winds in this region blow from the east, and hit the Windward Islands first.

The Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Antigua, and Saint Kitts are some of the more familiar islands that are part of the Leewards. Saint Kitts is the long oval island on the left side of this image. Nevis is to its southeast. Antigua is to the east of Nevis. It is the largest of the Leeward Islands.

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