Researchers seated in the University of Californias USC Bing
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Researchers seated in the University of California's (USC) Bing Theater

May 19, 2010
Researchers seated in the University of California's (USC) Bing Theater, view a test screening of a prerecorded symphony performance by the New World Symphony of Miami Beach. The screening--streamed coast-to-coast over the Internet to an audience of 500 top Internet researchers--took place using breakthrough digital video and audio technology produced at the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), a National Science Foundation-supported Engineering Research Center located at USC.

The performance was transmitted in high-definition digital video and IMSC's multichannel Immersive Audio to a 30-foot screen in the theater. IMSC researchers recorded the original concert with new technology in order to recreate the sense of "being there" for the USC audience. The new technology, termed Remote Media Immersion or RMI, is available for movie theaters to stream movies, concerts and other entertainment over the Internet. The technology provides a second avenue--the Internet--in addition to satellite for use by theaters moving into digital distribution. (Year of image: 2002)

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