A standard double bubble with unequal volumes
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A standard double bubble with unequal volumes.

June 2, 2010
A standard double bubble with unequal volumes. If the two bubbles that meet have equal volumes of air, the shared membrane between them is a flat disc. But in the case of unequal volumes, the smaller bubble, given its larger internal pressure, will bow slightly into the larger bubble. In either scenario, the two bubbles always meet at angles of 120 degrees.

Research of this type is called optimal geometry and it involves a great deal of math and science. Optimal geometry is concerned with geometric figures and their properties, and specifically, what shape or configuration of shapes best meets a situation's given constraints.

To learn more about optimal geometry involving soap bubbles, see NSF Discovery story "Double Soap Bubbles: Proof Positive of Optimal Geometry." Or, to see related optimal geometry images, Click Here. (Year of image: 1995)

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