The NBH-1--short for networked based humanoid--robot
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The NBH-1--short for networked based humanoid--robot

June 10, 2010
he NBH-1--short for networked based humanoid--robot, a bipedal robot equipped with wireless networking capabilities that allow it to communicate remotely and receive software upgrades from external computer servers. The robot was unveiled in March 2006 by South Korean professor Bum-Jae You and his research team from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology who claim NBH-1 is the first such android ever developed. According to You, NBH-1 has the ability to recognize people using facial recognition technology, can recognize voices and motions, and can shake hands and turn and walk (at a speed of up to 0.9 kilometers per hour) in a range of directions. It is 150 centimeters tall and weighs 67 kilograms. The team plans to upgrade the android's intelligence and movement capabilities later this year. Although this specific research was not supported by the National Science Foundation, the agency does support similar robotics research. (Date of Image: Jan. 1, 2005)

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