ORC Localization
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ORC Localization

June 14, 2010
ORC Localization Localization of the Origin Recognition Complex (O R C) (stained red) on yeast meiotic chromosomes (stained blue). The chromosomes were prepared from meiotic nuclei in the pachytene stage, during which homologous chromosomes are synapsed along their entire lengths and fully condensed. This research was performed in the lab of Dr. Jasper Rine, Howard Hughes Professor and Professor of Genetics and Development at the University of California, Berkeley. Research in Dr. Rine's lab is centered on the epigenetic mechanisms by which the information in a genome is expressed in a manner that is stable and heritable through cell division. This issue has led us to discoveries on how specialized domains of chromatin structure are established, maintained and inherited. Our studies use the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the powerful genetic, genomic and proteomic approaches that are so facile in this organism to study the nature of the chromatin in specialized domains of the yeast genome, how it is assembled and modified, and how these modifications affect its expression, replication and repair. Recently the lab has started a new emphasis focused on exploring the functional consequences of human genetic and epigenetic variation with the goal of understanding and reducing the incidence of one of the most common birth defects. (Date of Image: unknown)

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