Pearl the Nursebot
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Pearl, the Nursebot.

June 14, 2010
Pearl, the Nursebot. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University are developing mobile, personal service robots such as Nursebot, that assist elderly people in their everyday life. An autonomous mobile robot that "lives" in the home of a chronically ill elderly person might remind its owner to take medicine, provide videoconferencing with doctors, collect patient data or watch for accidents, manipulate objects for arthritis sufferers, and provide some social interaction. This research was funded by National Science Foundation grant IIS 00-85796. For more information, please refer to the Nursebot Project Web site at Carnegie Mellon University. To read more about NSF's involvement with Nursebot, see the Robotics Special Report, "Helping Hands (and Feet and . . .)". (Date of Image: unknown)

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