Deep Aspheric Fresnel Lens
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Deep Aspheric Fresnel Lens

June 22, 2010
The key to cost-efficient volume production of complex optical elements--like the deep aspheric Fresnel lens shown here--is replication by injection molding, or hot isostatic pressing. To meet the nanometer tolerances governing precision optics, current capabilities of both mold fabrication and replication processes must be improved by at least an order of magnitude. This is the goal of the United States-Germany Collaborative Research Center, called Process Chains for the Replication of Complex Optical Components, funded by the National Science Foundation and the German National Science Foundation. This work was supported by National Science Foundation grants OISE 01-28050 and OISE 03-52377, "US-Germany Cooperative Research: High Resolution Surface Zone Analysis in the Transregional Center on Process Chains for the Replication of Complex Optical Components." (Date of Image: 2001)

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