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PIRE Exchange Program with China (Image 1)

June 22, 2010
PIRE Exchange Program with China (Image 1) Performing gas chromatography are Samuel Fleishman (left) and Fan Fengtao in the laboratory of professor Li Can at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. This photo was taken during ongoing research in the laboratories of professors Bao Xinhe and Li Can where exchange students participated under the National Science Foundation Office of International Science and Education's PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education for Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces) program. PIRE seeks to expose young scientists and engineers in training to an interdisciplinary, advanced research experience in an international context. The program also seeks to establish long-term partnership between the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Dalian Institute. The equipment shown in the photo was not specifically used during collaborative experiments. Further information about the program is available here. (Date of Image: June 27, 2006) [One of four related images. See Next Image.]

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