Flowering Yoshino Cherry Tree
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Flowering Yoshino Cherry Tree

June 22, 2010
Flowering Yoshino Cherry Tree A flowering branch from a Yoshino cherry tree. The Yoshino cherry ( Prunus yedoensis) tree is a round-topped, wide-spreading tree that reaches somewhere between 30 and 50 feet at maturity. Yoshinos have white, single, five petal blossoms in clusters of two to five, and are almond-scented. This hybrid cherry of unknown Japanese origin was first noticed in Tokyo about 1872, and is now one of the favorite cultivated cherry trees of Japan. In the United States however, Yoshinos are best known for being the predominant species that encircles the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., drawing thousands of tourists every year for their annual spring bloom. (Date of Image: April 9, 2005)

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