Two-Dimensional Aquifer Cell
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Two-Dimensional Aquifer Cell

June 22, 2010
Two-Dimensional Aquifer Cell Researchers Kurt Pennell (left) and Eric Suchomel examine a two-dimensional aquifer cell designed to simulate a spill of tricholoroethene (TCE), which is dyed red. This image was taken as part of research in which environmental engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology developed a two-part approach to clean up toxic chlorinated solvents spilled into underground water supplies from former dry cleaning and industrial operations. The technique, which uses a macro emulsion composed of alcohol and food-grade surfactants, simultaneously reduces the density of the pollutant to keep it from sinking farther into the groundwater and helps separate if from soil particles so that it can be flushed out. The approach is known as density modified displacement and is expected to cut costs in environmental remediation by reducing the time required for cleanup and the amount of contaminant effluent that must be treated. (Date of Image: 2003)

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