Nanohelix Structure
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Nanohelix Structure

June 22, 2010
Nanohelix Structure Zhong Lin Wang, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering, prepares to load a sample into a furnace used to create the new zinc oxide nanohelix structures. This new, previously-unknown zinc oxide nanostructure, that resembles the helical configuration of DNA, could provide engineers with a new building block for creating nanometer-scale sensors, transducers, resonators and other devices that rely on electromechanical coupling. The research was sponsored by the National Science Foundation, NASA Vehicle Systems Program, U.S. Department of Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. To learn more, see the Sept. 8, 2005, Georgia Tech Research News, "Superlattice Nanobelts: Nanohelix Structure Provides New Building Block for Nanoscale Piezoelectric Devices." (Date of Image: Sept. 2005)

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