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PaleoIndian Site at Barger Gulch (Image 4)

June 23, 2010
PaleoIndian Site at Barger Gulch (Image 4) A complete Folsom point recovered from Barger Gulch Locality B, located in Middle Park, Colo, during the 2005 field season. Complete projectile points are not commonly recovered from campsites because they are typically discarded only after they have broken. This projectile point shows signs of resharpening after breakage, suggesting it was nearing the end of its useful life. The Barger Gulch site contains deposits that document the diversity of behaviors that occurred at a 10,500 year old hunter-gatherer residential site. Middle Park is a high-altitude basin in the Southern Rocky Mountains of north-central Colorado that contains at least fifty-nine known Folsom PaleoIndian sites. In particular, Barger Gulch, a heavily incised tributary system of the Colorado River in the western portion of Middle Park, contains several Folsom (10,900 to around 10,200 years ago) sites. Of these sites, Locality B has been the subject of survey and excavation since 1995, yielding an extensive number of Folsom stone artifacts. This research was performed as part of a National Science Foundation-supported grant (BCS 04-50759) awarded to researchers from the University of Wyoming Anthropology Department to investigate late Pleistocene social organization and economic relationships among Folsom peoples, as expressed through the spatial configuration of artifacts and site features. Spatial data has proved a valuable component for discerning forager social and economic relationships in both ethnographic and archaeological contexts. Detailed analysis and documentation of spatial trends at Barger Gulch provides a unique opportunity to examine the social context of prehistoric hunter-gatherer behavior. (Date of Image: July 5, 2005) [One of 8 related images. See Next Image.]

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