Math and Science Partnerships Vermont
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Math and Science Partnerships, Vermont

June 23, 2010
Math and Science Partnerships, Vermont Nick Zachary, an instructor with the Vermont Math and Science Partnership program (VMP), demonstrates the use of a clinometer to middle school mathematics teacher Ned Andrews during a summer institute "Proportional Reasoning in the Middle Grades." VMP is funded by the National Science Foundation Math and Science Partnership program (grant EHR 02-27057) and the U.S. Department of Education (grant S366A020002), and builds upon the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) "Exemplary Teacher Model," a leadership model in K to 6 mathematics, by expanding the effort to include middle and high school mathematics, whole school systems and preservice education. The partnership is seeking success in all schools, for all teachers and all students. To learn more about the VMP program, visit the VMP Web site. For general information about the NSF Math and Science Partnership program, visit the program Web page. (Date of Image: July 2004)

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