Math and Science Partnerships Georgia
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Math and Science Partnerships, Georgia

June 23, 2010
Math and Science Partnerships, Georgia Students from Metter High School, a rural Georgia high school, participate in calculator/computer-based labs (CBLs) in their chemistry class. The science teachers at Metter High School meet regularly in a grade K-16 learning community to study and learn together. As learning community members, they collaboratively designed a professional learning course to teach themselves how to use CBLs in their classes with a Georgia Southern Chemistry faculty member, who is also a participating member in their community. The teachers were able to change their instructional practice through the implementation of CBL design. Through the work of this learning community, they have helped to bring about changes in how chemistry is taught on the Georgia Southern campus. This teacher enhancement activity is run by the Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM), an initiative of the University System of Georgia designed to increase science and mathematics achievement for all P-12 students in order to improve their readiness for post-secondary education and careers by enhancing teacher quality, raising expectations for all stakeholders, and closing achievement gaps. The program is supported by National Science Foundation grant HER 03-14953. Further information about PRISM is available here. For general information about the NSF Math and Science Partnership program, visit the program Web page. (Date of Image: Fall 2005)

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