Star Trails over Gemini North
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Star Trails over Gemini North

June 23, 2010
Star Trails over Gemini North Approximately 2 hours of stacked exposures of the summer sky over Gemini North. The setting moon provides light on the right of the dome; twilight provides a glow to the left side of the dome; and a small red light provides highlight on center of dome. A star field has been offset by about 30 minutes to show individual stars separated from trails revealing Scorpius and Sagittarius over the Gemini dome. Technical Details: Each exposure was 50 seconds using a Nikon D1X camera and a 14 millimeter f/2.8 Nikkor lens at an ISO setting of 800 and "stacked" in Photoshop to create the single image from the over 100 individual images. (See Sky & Telescope, March 2004, for details on the technique used to create this image.) (Date of Image: March 2004)

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