Crystal I
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Crystal I

June 23, 2010
Crystal I "Crystal I," from the Gallery of Eric J. Heller. Explanation of image, as taken from Heller Gallery: In Crystal I we are looking corner-on at a small cubic sample of a perfect crystal consisting of a periodic array of three different atoms. The top layer (red) and the other two surfaces visible of Crystal I shows the orchard effect, with a much more complicated pattern looking through the bulk of the crystal, which is a three dimensional orchard. In spite of the complexity seen peering through the crystal, Crystal I is a perfectly regular array of three different atoms. This reminds us that even perfectly ordered systems may be quite complex. Note the different atoms which appear on different faces: only red atoms on the top, red and green on the right face, and all three on the left face. Heller's work was included in the exhibit "Approaching Chaos," shown at the National Science Foundation (NSF) headquarters in Arlington, Va., July thru October 2002, as part of "The Art of Science Project." The Art of Science Project was conceived and implemented by a cross-directorate committee of NSF staff. Its purpose is to bring to NSF, original works of art that visually explore the connections between artistic and scientific expression. This image is copyright and was included in the NSF Multimedia Gallery with permission from the owner. See "Restrictions" below regarding use of this image. [Research supported by Harvard's NSEC (NSF) grant.] (Date of Image: 2001)

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