Ground Finch Geospiza fortis
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Ground Finch (Geospiza fortis)

June 23, 2010
Ground Finch (Geospiza fortis) A male medium ground finch (Geospiza fortis) feeds on fruit from a Scutia spicata thorn shrub, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. Geospiza fortis is one of "Darwin's finches" which he derived much of his theory of evolution from observations he made of the species during the 1831 to 1836 voyage of the H.M.S Beagle. This image was taken as part of research supported by National Science Foundation grant IBN 03-47291, "Beaks, Song and Speciation in Darwin's Finches," Jeff Podos principal investigator. This image has been included in the NSF Multimedia Gallery with permission from the owner. See restrictions regarding the use of this image under "Special Restrictions," below. (Date of Image: February 2004)

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