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Modeling Across the Curriculum (Image 3)

June 25, 2010
Modeling Across the Curriculum (Image 3) A screenshot from the BioLogica hypermodel, a tool that enables researchers and teachers in the Modeling Across the Curriculum Project (or MAC) to develop scriptable genetics curricula software. Students use a dragon species to solve genetics problems. MAC is a five-year research project to study the impact of computer modeling tools on secondary-level science learning. The project is a partnership between the Concord Consortium, Harvard University, Northwestern University, the Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS), the Fitchburg Public Schools, the Boston Public Schools, and the Lowell Public Schools. Tools called CIE models incorporate core science content that students learn through interaction and exploration. The project explores the hypothesis that students learn more through such models by testing it in real schools. Using a variety of computer-based manipulative models and probeware, the program teaches students how to create, refine and apply mental models to improve their understanding of science. This research was supported by National Science Foundation grant REC 01-15699, "Modeling Across the Curriculum." (Date of Image: 2002) [One of three related images. See Next Image.]

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