PCM Results
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PCM Results

June 28, 2010
PCM Results A simulation from the Department of Energy-sponsored Parallel Climate Model (PCM). The figure shows, for the atmosphere, vectors depicting the winds in the lowest model layer, and the sea level pressure, shown as lines of constant pressure. The ocean model surface temperatures are shown in blue to red colors (see the color bar at the bottom) and the sea ice is shown in grayscale (see the color bar on the right side). This coupled model consists of the following: for the atmospheric component, NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM); for the ocean component, the Los Alamos National Laboratory Parallel Ocean Program (POP); and for the sea ice component, the Naval Postgraduate School sea ice model. The PCM has been specifically designed to execute on parallel supercomputers. To learn more, see the International Science Grid This Week feature story, "The Earth System Grid: Climate Data for the Global Community." International Science Grid This Week works to inform the grid community and interested public about the people and projects involved in grid computing and the science that relies on it through articles, graphics, links, multimedia and other content. (Date of Image: August 2006)

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