CSNS Facility
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CSNS Facility

June 28, 2010
CSNS Facility An artist's view of the Chinese Spallation Neutron (CSNS) facility, including a 1.6 GeV, 25 Hz, 100 kW proton accelerator complex, a target station, and an experimental hall. CSNS is dedicated to basic neutron-scattering research for material characterization for users in the scientific communities. Upon completion, the facility will be used for neutron-scattering research and development. Pulsed neutron beams can be used to study the structural properties of a wide range of materials. The facility--which will be constructed in Dongguan, a city in south China's Guangdong Province--will take seven years to complete, according to a memo of understanding (MOU) signed recently by Lu Yongxiang, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Huang Huahua, governor of Guangdong. The facility, included as one of the key projects for construction during the 11th five-year plan period (2006-2010), is expected to provide China with a platform for scientific research in its efforts to make better use of resources from the ocean bed. (Date of Image: October 2005)

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