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Detroit Zoo's Arctic Exhibit (Image 3)

June 28, 2010
Detroit Zoo's Arctic Exhibit (Image 3) A group of students visit Detroit Zoo's Arctic Ring of Life exhibit. The exhibit takes visitors on a trek to the North Pole, where they can experience the tundra, open sea and pack ice of the Arctic environment, and the animals that are distinctively adapted to life there. The state-of-the-art $14.9 million interactive facility encompasses over four acres of outdoor and indoor exhibits. In addition to showing a variety of fauna and flora, the exhibit explores the relationship between Arctic people (Inuit) and the wildlife that share their frigid Arctic environment. There's even a re-creation of an Inuit village of the early 1900's. In addition to experiencing polar bears in vast, open tundra, guests will encounter other Arctic animals including the Arctic fox. The most unique feature of the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit is a spectacular 70-foot-long clear tunnel that winds through a vast underwater marine environment. Twelve-foot-wide and eight-foot-tall "Polar Passage," is a tunnel that takes visitors underneath diving and swimming polar bears and seals! The bears and seals are separated from each other by a transparent barrier but appear to share one aquatic environment. After exiting "Polar Passage," visitors arrive in an "ice world," passing through a frigid ice cave and finally entering an exploration station with additional indoor viewing. The Detroit Zoo has been a leader in the exhibition, management and breeding of polar bears since the opening of the first bear exhibit in 1928. (Date of Image: unknown) [One of several related images. See Next Image.]

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