Baltimore Oriole in Maine Image 2
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Baltimore Oriole in Maine (Image 2)

June 29, 2010
Baltimore Oriole in Maine (Image 2) This Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) was photographed in a backyard in Jonesport, Maine, where it stayed for several days, consuming a full orange and several grapes each day. It is rare to see orioles in this part of Maine. Baltimore Orioles are a medium-sized songbird. Males are brightly colored with a black hood and females are duller and without a black hood. Their diet mainly consists of caterpillars, fruits, insects, spiders and nectar. The orioles nest is gourd-shaped and woven from hair, plant fibers, and synthetic fibers and hung by the rim from thin branches, or from a fork in a tall tree. During breeding season, they can be found across North America eastward of the Rocky Mountains, from Alberta to Newfoundland, the Dakotas to Maine, southward to eastern Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. Winter migration takes them to Florida, the Caribbean, central Mexico and Central America to northern South America. Also small numbers may be found in southern California. (Date of Image: May 23, 2007) [See related image Here.]

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