Evans Solar Facility
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Evans Solar Facility

June 30, 2010
Evans Solar Facility Sunlight floods through the dome aperture of the Evans Solar Facility at the National Science Foundation's (NSF) National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Sunspot, N.M. Mounted on the left side of the spar is the 40.6 centimeter (16 inch) coronagraph, second largest in the nation. The instrument scans the corona to produce maps used in predicting upcoming solar activity. The Evans is to be upgraded with a Prominence Magnetometer (ProMag), a joint project with NSO and the NSF/NCAR-funded High Altitude Observatory. ProMag has the great opportunity of addressing the basic problems of coronal magnetism by engaging in a long-term program of vector field measurements in prominences and filaments. ProMag will observe in the He I lines at 587.6 nm (D3, yellow-orange) and 1083.0 nm (near infrared). (Date of Image: unknown)

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