Bluebanded Gobies Lythrypnus dalli
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Bluebanded Gobies (Lythrypnus dalli)

June 30, 2010
Bluebanded Gobies (Lythrypnus dalli) Close up of a bluebanded goby (Lythrypnus dalli) taking refuge under the spines of a sea urchin (Centrostephanus coronatum). The bluebanded goby is the model organism for research on sexual plasticity in the lab of Dr. Matthew Grober, associate professor at Georgia State University. Experimentation is done both within the lab and in the field at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies at Catalina Island, Calif. [Research on bluebanded goby supported by National Science Foundation grants IBN 93-09555 and IBN 97 23817.] (Date of Image: 1998)

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