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Team Scarab (Image 3)

June 30, 2010
Team Scarab (Image 3) Mary Liz Jameson of the University of Nebraska's Team Scarab research group, works with the insect collections at the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural in Santiago, Chile. Team Scarab is studying scarab beetles in the New World tropics--home of the greatest diversity of scarab species in the world. Scarab beetles are prominent members of the entomofauna and are important biocontrol agents, agricultural pests, and habitat indicators. The National Science Foundation is supporting the work through the PEET program (Partnerships to Enhance Expertise in Taxonomy). PEET was created in response to the world's biodiversity crisis and as a means of reinvigorating taxonomy and systematics. To achieve these objectives, PEET grants provide training for students in systematics and provide the tools that will allow for electronic dissemination of systematics information and taxonomic monographs, as well as for networking among PEET participants and other systematists. To learn more about Team Scarab, including further information about past and present research, or to view published reports, visit the Team Scarab Web site. [This research was supported by National Science Foundation grants DEB 01-18669 and DEB 98-70202.] (Date of Image: June 2002) [One of three related images. See Next Image.]

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